40A. Tax collection at source.-

(1) Every authority or agency required to collect the amount towards tax under sub-section (1) of section 31A shall deposit the amount so collected into the Government Treasury in challan FORM 210 or as the case may be, in FORM MTR6, within twenty one days from the end of the month during which such amount is collected from any period.

(2) The authority or agency, on collection of such amount of tax at source, shall issue certificate of tax collection in FORM 421 immediately after such tax collection.

(3) Every authority or agency issuing a tax collection certificate as required by sub-rule (2) shall maintain a separate amount for each year in FORM 422 showing the amount collected towards sales tax, certificate of collection issued, and the particulars of payment made to the Government treasury and shall submit a return electronically on the website in FORM 423 within twenty one days from the end of the month in which amount of sales tax is so collected.