22. Recovery Agent:--

(1) A person having experience of working as a Licensed Small Savings Agent with the Directorate of Small Savings, Maharashtra State, Mumbai, for a continuous period of not less than 2 years and not being a defaulter under the Act, may apply for appointment as an authorised recovery agent to the Commissioner or the Officer duly authorized by him having jurisdiction over the area in which the place of residence of such person is situated (hereinafter, in this Chapter, referred to as "the Appointing Authority") in Form XIVA, alongwith the security in the form of National Savings Certificate or Government Treasury Bond or Bank Guarantee amounting to rupees 1,000.

(2) The Appointing Authority shall, on satisfaction as to the qualifications and the ability of the applicant to work as a recovery agent, grant him the authorisation certificate in Form XIVB.

If the recovery agent violates any of the conditions stated in Form XIVB, the provisions of the Act, rules or the instructions given by the Profession Tax Authorities, the Appointing Authority may suspend or cancel the authorisation, after giving him a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

(3) An authorised recovery agent shall have power to visit, at all reasonable times, only those places which are assigned to him by the authority, under whom he is working, and to make inquiries pertaining of the liability of, and also the amount of tax, interest and penalty, due from the enrollee or a person or persons available at the address. An authorised recovery agent shall always carry his authorisation certificate and Identity Card and produce them, at the time of visit, before the enrollee or a person or persons available at the said address.

(4) The Recovery Agent shall collect the amount of tax, interest and penalty due from the enrollees or the person or persons only by account payee cheque, demand draft or pay order and deposit it along with chalan in Form VIII in the Government Treasury within two days, excluding the Bank holidays, from the date of receipt thereof.