29. Grant of Copies:

(1) If any employer or a person wants to have a certified copy of a document filed by him or of an order concerning him passed by any authority, he shall make to the authority concerned an application bearing adhesive court-fee stamp of the value of twenty five paise for an ordinary copy or such stamp of the value of rupee one and twenty five paise for a copy which he desires to be supplied within two days of his applying for the same.

(2) On receipt of the application, the said authority shall inform the applicant of the amount of court-fee stamp required under the provisions of sub-rule (3) for the supply of the copy. After the requisite amount of court-fee stamps is furnished by the applicant, the said authority shall cause a certified copy of the document or order to be prepared and granted to the applicant.

(3) Additional fee in the shape of court-fee stamps shall be payable for the grant of copies at the rates given below:

(a) copying fee for the first 200 words or less of the documents.
Seventy-five paise
(b)      for every additional 100 words or fraction thereof. Forty paise
(c)      A uniform extra copying fee of rupee one per copy shall be charged on an application for a copy required by the applicant within two days of his applying for the same.