8. Selection and responsibilities of the Partner Organisation.-

(1) The Board shall select a Partner Organisation to partner with the Resource Centre for implementation of the Scheme.

(2) The Partner Organisation shall function under the overall guidance and control of the Resource Centre and follow the instructions issued to it by the Resource Centre from time to time about implementation of the scheme.

(3) The Partner Organisation shall be responsible to carry out the activities which it is required to carry out under paragraph 4 of this Scheme.

(4) The Partner Organisation shall maintain the profile of the Service Tax Return Preparers during  their training and monitor their performance as Service Tax Return Preparers.

(5) The Partner Organisation shall perform its functions to the satisfaction of the Resource Centre.

(6) The Board may, on the recommendation of the Resource Centre, terminate the agreement with the Partner Organisation and may -

(a) enter into an agreement with any other Partner Organisation; or

(b) assign its functions to the Resource Centre,

if in its opinion, the Partner Organisation has failed to perform its functions properly.