Mode of recovery of moneys due from employers.

1[8any amount due -

(a) from the employer in relation to 2[an establishment] to which any 3[Scheme or the Insurance Scheme] applies in respect of any contribution payable to 4[the Fund or, as the case may be, the Insurance Fund], damages recoverable under section 14B, accumulations required to be transferred under sub-section 2  of section 15 5[or under sub-section 5 of section 17] or any charges payable by him under any other provision of this Act or of any provision of the 3[Scheme or the Insurance Scheme]; or

(b) from the employer in relation to an exempted 6[establishment] in respect of any damages recoverable under section 14B or any charges payable by him the appropriate Government under any provision of this Act or under any of the conditions specified 7[under section 17 or in respect of the contribution payable by him towards the 8[Pension] Scheme under the said section 17],

may, if the amount is in arrear, 9[be recovered 10[in the manner specified in section 8B to 8G.]]


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