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1) More Time for Chartered Accountants

2) Stress Management with Self Care Techniques

3) Manual on Anti Dumping duties, Countervailing Duties and Safeguard Measures

4) Concept of Derivatives

5) Due Diligence

6) Enterprise Risk Management

7) Drafting, conveyancing, stamping and registration

8) Causes, Consequences and Lesson From the Global Financial Crisis

9) Corporate Governance and Role of Chartered Accountants

10) Empowering Small and Medium Practices of Chartered Accountants

11) An Overview of The Companies Act, 2013

12) Carbon Credits Mechanism

13) Audit of Inventories/ Receivables / Securities

14) Draft Direct Taxes Code Bill 2009

15) Insolvency Laws In India Including Corporate Insolvency

16) Labour Laws In India

17) Overview of international financial reporting standards [IFRS]

18) Audit Documentation With Specific Reference To MVAT Audit

19) An insight into XBRL [eXtensible Business Reporting Language]

20) A Study On Proposed Goods And Services Tax [GST] Framework In India

21) IFRS & Ind AS

22) ESOP and Sweat Equity - Concept, Regulatory Framework, Accounting and Taxation

23) An Insight into Twenty Four Sunrise Professional Opportunities for Chartered Accountants

24) Overview of The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002

25) A Practical Guide on the Concept And Practice of Arbitration

26) Manual on Internal Auditing

27) Drafting of Commercial Contracts and Agreements (Available on Request)

28) Documentation for Statutory Bank Branch Audit

29) Corporate Social Responsibility

30) Intellectual Property Rights in India

31)  Mines

32) Real Estate

33) Private Equity Funding

34) Service Tax- 2012

35) Charitable Organisation   

36) Climate Change Mitigation & Its Importance for Professionals & Business

37) Cyber Laws in India  

38 ) Agriculture & Allied Sector and their Accounting

39) Media Laws in India 

40)An overview of the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Sector

(41) Sustainability and Integrated Reporting

42) Insurance Laws 

43) Food Processing Industry in India

44) Overview of Provisions relating to Non-banking Financial Institutions (NBFC)

45) An Overview of Provisions relating Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

46) An overview of provisions relating to competition laws & consumers protection laws in India 

47) An Overview of Energy Sector in India 

48) How to be an effective CEO 

49) Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry with Specific Reference to Pharmaceutical Laws of India

50) An overview of Public Private Partnership(P3s) 

51) Government Accounting in India - Some Recent Development  

52) Draft Indian Financial Code 2013

53) To Investors on “How to Grow Your Money? & Manage your Wealth

54) Handbook on Black Money Laws in India

55) Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance

56) Handbook on Consumer Protection Laws in India

57) Magic Formulas for success

58)Overview of Indian Accounting Standards

59) Handbook on Arbitration

60) The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

61)Insurance & Pension Industry - Corporate Governance


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